Merge Collectors Configurations - What You Should Know

Burns Stainless Merge Collectors are highly respected by many engine builders including NASCAR, and are widely used by champions in NHRA, IMSA, FI...

Yield Strength in Exhaust Tubing, Aluminum vs Stainless Steel

A question I am often asked is “why don’t you recommend aluminum for an exhaust material?” They continue, “so-and-so" has been running it on his ca...
Bundle of Snakes - 180 Degree Headers

Bundle of Snakes - 180 Degree Headers


Many of you have seen the so-called “bundle-of-snakes” headers on the infamous Ford GT40s of the late sixties, but you might wonder.

Are they still relevant today?

Those beautiful works of art built by English craftsman on the Lola-designed chassis where two tubes from each bank of the V-8 are crossed over the engine to collect in 4-1 collectors with opposing tubes.

How to Repack a Muffler

How to Repack a Muffler

When the time comes that you feel like repacking your muffler, here are the simple steps to follow. 1. Remove muffler from vehicle if possible. This usually makes the muffler easier to work with. 2. Clean any dirt, oil, debris off of the allen bolts holding the outer case to the end cap.3. Using an allen key that is in...

Everything You Need to Know About Turbo Headers

High exhaust gas temperatures, high exhaust pressure, cramped engine compartments and the complexity of turbocharged applications pose extreme chal...

Development Tools and Testing Methods for the Optimization of Exhaust Performance

Pressure Analysis Top Topics Two highly technical presentations covering exhaust theory and the testing and evaluation of cylinder pressures opened...

Are Burns' Bends Really Better?

TechnologyVincent Roman
“It takes less time to do it right, than it does to explain why you did it wrong.” - Henry W. Longfellow We are often times asked why our stainless...

6-Cylinder and 12-Cylinder Exhaust Header Design

Hope you are enjoying these articles on exhaust header design. Building headers from mandrel-bent stainless tubing using proper fabrication techni...

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