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NhB Exhaust for Baggers

Top Quality

Bends are really nice and wrinkle free.

Stainless Spring
Andrew Moreau

Stainless Spring


Fast delivery and perfect fit every time

Longer Leg Lengths and Less Distortion

I needed 4" OD stainless 90deg elbows with at least 2" leg length starting from the tangent to the bend to securely clamp on a hose. Some other suppliers seem to use a different starting point which results in not enough straight tubing after the elbow. Also, the 90deg bend did not distort the tube as much as other suppliers I have used.

Excellent bends

The best I have found with the tight bends. No deformation anywhere in the bend

Aluminum Transitions
Alejandro Samayoa
top quality

excellent product and service!


Flawless purchase. I will be a regular customer.

to complete the exhaust manifold

make a good job

45 Degree Tubing Bends Aluminum Legs 5.5" x 5.5"

Straight Oval Tubing
Cory Mechals
Not always used for what you think

I use the oval tubing for welding robot arm assemblies in the semiconductor industry. I have tried using other companies tubing but Burns Stainless is the best quality.

We have some other customers building robots with our parts. Fun stuff!

U Bend Tubing 304L Stainless Steel

Great Fit

Looks great on the car. I did weld a1x1/8 strip around the oval to give it some body.

We have done that on some exhausts. Adds some strength and looks great. Thanks for sharing.

Muffler Repack Kits
Mike Evans Racing
Daytona Racecar Sidepipes

Easy to install and works well. Sounds great.

NhB Exhaust for Baggers
Ari Pulliainen
Best exhaust there is

No other exhaust work as good as this in bigger than stock engines!


excellent product but too expensive in tax, customs and transport for France..

O2 Ring Flanged
Martin Brees

Welded up great, I like hoe the flange supports great in the collectors. Definitely will buy more in the future. Great product.
Thank you

Cool sound

Great look and super heavy sound are pretty well

Nhb touring exhaust

Best made and sounding exhaust for harley!!! Period.

The best I ever had

Top quality materials, a huge difference comparing to the other brands on the market , with no doubt I would to buy another one if necessary definitely 💯 would recommend it thanks Burns!!!

Round to Oval Transitions

Top quality

With Burns you get every bit of your money’s worth not only in the product but also customer service. To me if you are going to spend more than $1k, go with Burns because you aren’t going to get anywhere near the value with anyone else.

Thanks Derek!

Stainless Steel V-Band - Clamp Only

45 degree 304

Needed the above to repair a header for a friend with a Mazda rotary engine in a GT lite RX7. It’s still working and finished 3rd in the 2023 SCCA run offs

NhB Exhaust for M8 Softails

Excellent product! Sounds amazing and the fitment was easy. This product looks amazing and give the M8 a throaty sound!