Merge Collectors

Burns Stainless Merge Collectors are highly respected by many engine builders including NASCAR, and are widely used by champions in NHRA, IMSA, FIA-GT, and V8 Supercars.

Burns Stainless Merge Collectors (Header Collectors) are custom engineered for each application using our proprietary X-design parametric custom exhaust design computer program. Merge Collectors combine high flow and high velocity to increase and broaden an engine's torque curve all the way to the horsepower peak and beyond.
Our products feature the highest quality fabrication and TIG-welding. Each is completely hand finished inside for proper flow.

merge collector cutaway

For drag racing and similar applications where a tailpipe is not required, megaphones fitted with reverse cones are invariably the best option. They produce maximum horsepower and maintain the highest and smoothest torque curve. Megaphones also offer the highest potential power past the peak without compromising the lower end of the power band on well-developed engine combinations with optimally short-header tube lengths and a well-chosen collector outlet diameter. For applications which require tailpipes, a NASCAR-style transition (long or short) and ring is normally recommended. If you are unsure which style is best for you, please call to discuss your specific application.

Here are some common collector outlet options.

To specify collectors for your application, we need to determine 4 basic parameters.

1. Inlet type-number of primaries* entering the collector and the outside diameter (OD) of your final header primaries. This is where the collector begins. *Collectors are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 into 1 configurations.
Merge collector Diagram
2. Collector Outlet Diameter- determined by our X-design program. There is no standard outlet size, each collector is based on the engine’s specs. V-Band Flanges are typically added to Turbo Collectors.
Merge Collector Diagram
3. Style of Outlet- Shown are five of our most common merge collector outlets: Straight extension, V-Band Flange, Short or Long Transition, or Megaphone-Reverse Cone.
For optimum flow, the collector exit should be larger than the collector outlet size and is the reason for the distinctive “hour glass” appearance of merge collectors.
Transitions are normally used in applications with tailpipes, or where a short collector is required. If the tailpipe is to be butt-welded to the collector, a tailring is not necessary.
Merge Collector Diagram
4. Final Outlet Diameter- designed to adapt to your existing exhaust.
A tailpipe ring (tailring) is described by its outside diameter. It slips inside your tailpipe and is normally 2" long.
If you plan on a megaphone, a reverse cone is highly recommended.
Merge Collector Diagram
A Megaphone is used, especially with a reverse cone, for maximum peak horsepower and power bandwidth.  A Megaphone with Reverse Cone has the added dimensions of; taper, Max OD, Outlet OD, and Overall Length. 
Merge Collector Diagram

Each of these is available in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 into 1 configurations
5 into 1 and 6 into 1 collectors are special order items.
Please call for info.


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  • stan susman

    Nov 13, 2018

    stan susman

    Boys, any advantage gained on a twin cylinder engine if so any way to guess a % ? it only turns 2700 rpm.
    Maybe I’ll just get me some meaty Joe’s

  • Burns Stainless

    Nov 01, 2018

    Burns Stainless

    We sell 15-degree bends that can be cut and welded into a collector – but it is not a kit per-se. We do have header kits for crate motors and we can put together custom header kits including flanges, tubing bends, and collectors

  • Freddie Horn

    Nov 01, 2018

    Freddie Horn

    Do you all sell merge collector weld up kits ?
    I’ve never heard of a “weld-up” merge collector kit but was told you all might have them.
    Freddie Horn

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