Burns Stainless - What is your biggest challenge?

As we break into summer we have seen some incredible vehicles at local and national events that just blow our mind. Sometimes it is the little details that most people won't even notice. Those little nuggets that helps solve a fabrication problem, or something to add just a bit more performance flirting with the sanctioning body rule book and giving you the edge.

BMW chopper

At the Born Free Motorcycle Show we saw Nigel Petrie from Australia's BMW chopper who used our hardware and accessories to give him an edge on winning not one but two awards. And on the East Coast, Sterling Cole from GPR Autosport is getting a nosebleed from all their podium wins with their Mazda in the GT2 Series.

GPR for the podium

All this excitement inspired us to ask about your project. Your answer could win a free Skully hat!

Answer any of these questions on our Facebook Page with the tag #BurnsBuilt or in the comments below.

    1. Tell us about your project.
    2. What is the biggest challenge you are facing in your project?
    3. How have you overcome this or other challenge?
    4. Do you get your kids/grandkids involved in the project?
    5. How did you get a passion for motorsports?
    6. What is your favorite type of racing?
    7. What do you like best about Burns Stainless Products?

Did you know our entire catalog is available online? Take a look! HERE

Thank you for taking the time to submit your answers. We look forward to reading them all. Keep up the good work!

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