Tuning Up For Thanksgiving

This is a wonderful time of year. So much to look forward to. The trees are dropping their dead weight in preparation for the winter. The crisp air invites a time of reflection, nostalgia and tradition. The long evenings beg for innovation to come in the new year. And, we have the holidays… 

We are firing on all cylinders getting ready for the holiday season and Thanksgiving. Yet, I just can’t seem to get work off my mind. The thought of the eight of us around the table firing away like a Top-Fuel Blown Hemi is both exciting and quite frankly a bit daunting. 

My internal family unit is well-tuned and running smooth. Invite in some other elements and all of a sudden all the cylinders are not in tune with each other. Uncle Jimmy is running a bit rich with his wild ideas. Aunt Jane is mis-firing like crazy nearly speaking in tongues. What’s up with cousin Bobby? Does he have a flat spot on his cam lobe and who knows what’s going on with his date? This is enough to drive an engineer like me to check into a center for a month or six.

 My mind goes directly into overdrive trying to engineer a custom header that will create a smooth exhaust note with all these variables. What would happen if I install a baffle on Jimmy, or replace the plug on Jane? Would she notice? Do I change the tube wall on Bobby’s exhaust port? How will I get rid of all this back-pressure?

 One thing is clear, unlike in an engine, if we keep feeding the cylinders, they quiet down to a low rhythmic rumble in no time. Distract them with a game on the tube and we are back to running in tune cheering on our local team. Except for that date that Bobby brought. A quick head gasket change and she will step right in tune with the rest of us.

The Burns Stainless family appreciates you sticking with us like Aunt Jane’s stuffing and wish you and your family a healthy and well tuned holiday season.

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