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Share Your Story

As race and show season is among us we are excited to hear about all the cool stuff our customers are up to. We hope to celebrate the wins and exhi...
Welded vs Seamless - Exhaust Tubing Basics Part 2

Welded vs Seamless - Tubing Basics Part 2

Welded and Bead Reduced vs Seamless When you are working with tubing on your project there are some considerations which need to be made. In our ex...
304 Stainless Steel Tubing

All About The Tube - Pt. 1 Tube Basics

“That’s a gnarly tube dude.” No, not that tube Spicolli. Today we are talking about Exhaust Tube.  The terms “pipe” and “tube” are almost interchan...
Who the heck is Elwood Haynes?

Who the heck is Elwood Haynes?

What do, early luxury automobiles, natural gas, prohibition and Stainless Steel have in common?  In 1912, 55 year old Elwood Haynes is working in h...
180° headers Bundle of snakes

Bundle of Snakes - 180 Degree Headers

Many of you have seen the so-called “bundle-of-snakes” headers on the infamous Ford GT40s of the late sixties, but you might wonder.

Are they still relevant today?

Those beautiful works of art built by English craftsman on the Lola-designed chassis where two tubes from each bank of the V-8 are crossed over the engine to collect in 4-1 collectors with opposing tubes.