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Areg Balayan’s Street Legal Lotus 2-Eleven Clone

What do you get when you mix Rockets to Mars, Carbon Fiber, and Forza Gameplay? You get what we call Relentless Innovation. Here’s this young man who always wanted a Lotus 2-Eleven but they are not street legal in the states. 

The Lotus 2-Eleven was built from 2007-2011 as a “track-day” car based on the Lotus Exige S with the Toyota 2ZZ-GE engine with VVTL-I, Eaton M62 Roots-type supercharger and intercooled inline-four engine.

Lotus 2-eleven with Burns StainlessWell, if you can’t buy one, build one. And that he did. Areg started off with a 2005 Lotus Elise and fitted with an Acura 2.4L K24A2 i-4, a Rotrex supercharger, Garrett intercooler, a Skunk2 throttle body and manifold. Areg’s company FMV Industries built the header with Burns Stainless collector engineered from our X-Design Parametric Exhaust Modeling program and Burns Stainless 2-stage Racing Muffler. Gears are shifted with an Acura 6-speed through Competition Stage 3 Clutch and Flywheel and Mfactory Limited Slip differential with 4.764:1 gearing making it a “gripper and ripper”.
Lotus 2-eleven with Burns Stainless
The entire body is carbon-fiber 2-Eleven with pieces modeled from (no joke) Forza point cloud and get a complete CADD file. Lotus S2 headlights, GRP v2 taillights, tow hooks, and a Difflow 5-Element diffuser in addition to a carbon-fiber front splitter, APR Performance mirrors.
Lotus 2-eleven with Burns Stainless
The canopy is topped with a VSA Motorsports roll bar, hovering over Technocraft carbon-fiber racing seats, Sparco wheel, and Crow six-point harness. Out back is an adjustable APR carbon-fiber wing, and staggered-diameter InoKinetic Ethos wheels with Toyo rubber.

When not dropping the pedal in this streeter race car, Areg is busy working at Space-X engineering rockets to Mars. That’s out of this WORLD! What’s even more out of this world is that the car is for sale on Bring A Trailer as we write this article. In-fact, many cars listed on Bring A Trailer mention their Burns Stainless exhaust.

Relentless Innovation

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