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When you hear the term Pan-america what comes to mind? Is it the famous border to border Mexican rally racing event from the early to mid 1950’s? Do visions of amber waves of grain, purple mountain majesties above fruited plains come to mind? Or is it the 1989 Porsche Panamericana concept car built as a gift from Porsche AG to Ferry Porsche’s 80th birthday? Or “D” all the above? 

As much as we love rally racing, Porsche’s and America the Beautiful we are here to speak of the incredibly versatile “Adventure Touring” Harley-Davidson Pan America. The Pan America 1250 is a two-wheel multi-tool from Harley-Davidson is built to endure, designed to explore, and engineered for adventure.

Adventure for sure. We picked one up recently and there is no where we cannot take it. It is comfortable on the road and a beast off the road. Case in point: If you have ever gone out to Bodie the dirt road off of HWY 395 is full of rutts and crevices. We did that ride years ago on the new Road King Custom and it was a monster, eating up the shocks and nearly bottoming out on a couple of occasions.

Harleys at BodieToday that ride is much more comfortable, safe and FUN! As well built and engineered the Pan America is, it does have a drawback that is easily fixed. The factory in it’s infinite wisdom installs a huge up-swept muffler that at first glance looks like a saddlebag. This thing takes the roar out of the 1250 Revolution Max powertrain. Sounding nothing like the 150 horsepower surging power band that sits beneath you. 

That’s where our performance engineers come in. Burns Stainless is known throughout the motorsports world as the innovator in finding more power and sounding great doing it. We developed two, that’s right, two different “No Holds Barred” NhB exhaust options for this incredible bike. 

LionTaiLTake a look at the “LionTaiL” [Sound File] reverse cone megaphone exhaust used for over two-decades in Harley Racing circuits. OR, the “ParaDoX” [Sound File] with two ultra-light mufflers utilized in IMSA, AHDRL, and NHRA racing! We have a couple of sound files on our site so you can hear the difference between stock, the LionTaiL and the ParaDoX mufflers. 

ParaDoXWith the extended travel shocks, great center of gravity and powerful torque, the added horsepower and smooth sound from Burns Stainless NhB mufflers is hard to beat. Now you can let the roar echo across the amber waves of grain, bounce off the purple mountains of majesty and settle in the fruited plains below.

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