Not All Exhaust Tubing Is Created Equal

Performance is found in the quality of materials, the skills of production and the minds behind engineering.

We know there are products out there that are cheaper than ours and that is good for them. We also know there are products out there that are more expensive and that is good too. We like to consider the price per value. Burns Stainless is not interested in gaining market share by creating cheaper products. Our focus is on delivering the best quality at a reasonable price. Quality that is required when creating more performance for our race and motorsports customers. Quality that is hard to find in the sea of standard off-the-shelf exhaust systems.

When you are recognized as the diamond standard in performance exhaust there is a certain responsibility to find the best materials available.  We have spent quite a bit of time looking for a company that has an impeccable reputation, consistency in product quality and ability to deliver on time.

We found a company that began as a family business and grown into a worldwide force in tubing and pipe. Like we discussed in an earlier blog about welded and seamless tubing, they understand the complex quality requirements such as corrosion, dimensional units and strength which drive the selection process. These are only a few reasons we chose to use RathGibson as our go-to tubing manufacturer.

Photo: RathGibsonRathGibson is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision welded tubing and pipe for energy and industrial applications. From straight lengths to coil, welded and drawn, or seamless tubing and pipe, their products come in a variety of grades and can be made from any of 40 available high-performance alloys. 

Sure there are other boutique providers, but when it comes to getting you the products you need when you need it, we decided to go with a preferred global provider. Their size allows for a consistent delivery of products. RathGibson serves many industries such as power generation, petrochemical, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and general commercial. To commit to on-time delivery, they have implemented a state-of-the-art system that tracks each order from the moment the quote is made through order placement, production, finishing, packaging, shipment and delivery.

We invite you to test our products. Compare it to off-the-shelf systems, we are confident that you will feel and see the difference. Feel it in your seat and see it in your dyno stats. We currently create our “No Holds Barred” (NhB) systems for high performance Harley-Davidson motorcycles and GT3 and Cayman Porsches.

Want to build your own? We offer a complete line of 304L and 321 Stainless steel tubing in bends, straights, collectors and megaphones. For the win, go to our site for the quality of materials you have been looking for.

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