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The All Harley Drag Racing Association

Here at Burns Stainless we have been busy building mufflers and collectors and sending them out with straights and bends for Harley Racers. So we thought to dig into what the All Harley Drag Racing Association/AHDRA is about.

The All Harley Drag Racing Association began as a club racing organization and continued for many years under different names. All Harley Drag Racing Association/AHDRA became the official licensed name for the sanctioning body in 1991. After 35 years, in 2013 the AHDRA came to a close, but not to worry, seven years of hiatus and Bill Rowe revived the association in 2020.

AHDRA anticipates the 2022 season to excel with more excitement, energy and adrenaline that can come only with this extreme sport. The 2022 Season schedule is up on the AHDRA website with eight stops. Gainesville FL, Rockingham NC, Milan MI, Sturgis SD, Back to Rockingham, Rising Sun MD, Fountain FL, and finish off at Gainesville.  Imagine throwing a leg over a top-fuel 230 mph machine reaching the quarter mile in mere seconds, with only your leathers to protect you. The AHDRA has 17 different classes to allow racers of all types to enjoy the sport, excite the fans, and be a proving ground for high-performance products. 

One of our customers, Robert Bohigian prepared his AHDRA Super Gas 9.70 with Burns Stainless collector and muffler combo. At his local track they require a muffler on Wednesday evening racing. He set up his bike with a slip-on style open exhaust and in 5 minutes can convert it to a muffler. He simply set it up his S&S 103” 4-plug scooter with a 2-into-1 Base Collector and can switch out his 10” open pipe with a 10 inch Burns Stainless Single-Stage Drag Muffler. Stay Tuned as we follow him on the track soon. The muffler didn’t slow him down. Recently he ran a “dead-nuts” 10.0 in the quarter mile with the muffler on. He said the track tech guys love the muffler and he liked the way it smoothed the beast.

If you are interested in competing under the AHDRA Sanction, there are different license requirements with definitions on their website at Category One: Top Fuel, Nitro Funny Bike, Pro Fuel, Outlaw Bagger, Pro-Outlaw and Xtreme Outlaw, must be able to show abilities and approved by the Technical Director and two licensed riders from the same or higher class. Pro Modified and Street Pro require abilities tests and only a Technical Director approval. The Sportsman Classes must pass technical inspection, demonstrate riding ability and Technical Director approval. For more details on the class requirements, please consult their rule book available on their website.

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