Be The Excitement, Be The Rush

In the world of motorsports, man and machine compete against each other. Both literally and figuratively. The Driver’s ability to handle the machine as it fights every corner, every stomp on the go pedal and every turn of the wrench. As racers we challenge our machine to go faster, perform better and get across the line first. We turn the wrench to help the machine do as we wish. We adjust the shocks, tighten the brakes, and tweak the timing. We are in a field of a dozen or more other racers, but really we are racing ourselves and our machine. The competitors are there as roadblocks at times and as partners as we draft up on them to slingshot around at the next available moment. 

It is also a competition of the self. Drivers work to beat their last lap. To catch that line just a hair better. Endurance, mindfulness, constant learning and listening to not only the machine but our bodies as well. If we can beat our own times, our chances of beating our competitors across the line is that much closer.

The motorsports world is bombarded with big dollars and conglomerate race teams. Where does an enthusiast go if they want to test their meddle on the track? Where can you go to get the excitement, thrill and support go go racing?

Answer: PORSCHE.

Porsche Racing ExperiencePorsche Racing Experience is the place to start. There are different levels to start you off with racing on some of the worlds most prestigious tracks. GT Trackday brings street and race cars in their element. Experience a  one or two-day driving program in your own GT car or rent one. Either way you will do one thing on the track, push that car and yourself to the limits!

Porsche Racing Experience Levels 1-3 is the next step to envisioning your racing motorsports goal. Supervised by Porsche certified instructors you will be trained in a three-step program with professional and individual guidance. Get your first race license to entry into race season.

Ready to race? Maybe not just yet. Some tracks have sound ordinances and that’s were we step in. Equip your Porsche Cayman with a “No Holds Barred” exhaust from Burns is one thing, but if you are racing your GT3 on sound limit days you will want to get the “External Competition System”. It’s a wild looking system that is the only way to get a GT3 Cup Car to pass the 96dB limits at tracks like Laguna Seca. Not to be confused by the big conglomerate exhaust companies, Burns Stainless utilizes their legendary argon back-purged TIG welds on thin-wall 18 gauge ASTM269 304 Stainless Steel. This process eliminates oxygen contamination inside the exhaust tubes, making a clean smooth surface for optimum performance gains.

Porsche One-MakePorsche also supports the “One-Make” series. The Porsche Sprint Challenge North America is one of 20 global Porsche 911 GT3 Cup One-Make championships that provide thrilling action and grooms drivers for future United Sports Car Championship Competitions in North America or professional GT races world-wide. Semi-professional drivers race head to head in matched Porsches in the largest single-make series in North America. This is truly a test of the drivers as all the cars are identical.

Be the excitement and the Rush! Share your experience on our Facebook page, we love to see your wins and challenges. If you are looking for a custom header for racing your Porsche, take a look at our Race Engine Spec Form. #BurnsRacing

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