9 areas to increase performance

Here at Burns Stainless we practice Relentless Innovation to increase performance. Part of that is to think outside the box to find new solutions. We may be inspired by engine tuning, or even suspension. That got us thinking about the key areas we go to when increasing performance on our vehicles. Here are the 9 main topics that can increase automobile performance:

  1. Engine Tuning: Adjusting the engine to maximize its performance can be done by adjusting the fuel injection, ignition timing, cam grinding, efficient intake manifold, and other parameters. There are a ton of aftermarket companies that offer upgraded products increase engine tuning, some "bolt-on" and others require more technical expertise.
    Engine Tuning to increase performance

  2. Air Intake System: The air intake system is responsible for providing air to the engine. A high-performance air filter, intake manifold, and throttle body can increase airflow and improve performance. Cold air performs much better in the air/fuel mixture. A simple tube to a remote filter helps to bring fresh cool air to the intake system.
    Cold Air Intake

  3. Exhaust System: Naturally a Burns Stainless expert area. The exhaust system is responsible for releasing the engine's waste gases. A high-performance exhaust system with larger pipes, high-flow mufflers, and headers can increase horsepower and torque. We use our proprietary X-Design Parametric Exhaust Modeling Program to increase your power band.
    Exhaust System to increase performance

  4. Suspension: The suspension system affects how the car handles and performs on the road. Upgraded suspension components like shocks, springs, and sway bars can improve handling, reduce body roll, and improve cornering ability.
    Suspension upgrades to increase performance

  5. Brakes: High-performance brakes can improve stopping power and reduce brake fade, which is when the brakes lose their effectiveness due to overheating.

    Upgrade brakes for increased performance
  6. Tires: Tires are the only point of contact between the car and the blacktop. High-performance tires with better grip and traction can improve acceleration, braking, and handling.
    Tire tech to increase performance

  7. Weight Reduction: Reducing the weight of the car can improve performance. This can be done by replacing heavy parts with lighter ones, such as replacing the hood, doors, and trunk with carbon fiber or aluminum parts.
    Weight reduction to increase performance

  8. Upgraded Electronics: Upgrading the engine control module (ECM) and other electronic components can improve performance by optimizing fuel delivery, ignition timing, and other parameters.
    Electronic tuning to increase performance

  9. Aerodynamics: Improving aerodynamics can reduce drag and improve performance. This can be done by adding a front splitter, rear wing, and diffuser to the car.
    Aerodynamics to increase performance

Overall, a combination of these elements can help increase automobile performance, but it's important to note that any modifications should be done by a professional to ensure they are safe and effective. Good thing there is YouTube and AI now we all can enjoy the pleasures of busted knuckles adding performance to our vehicles.

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