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Ready to bring your bike into a class of its own?

Burns Stainless has developed an exhaust system unique enough to complement the classic styling of the Harley-Davidson. Burns background in performance is highlighted on this exhaust with horsepower and torque gains. The systems are all handcrafted in the USA with all the TIG welds being perfected by hand. It has been designed and tuned for max torque and increased horsepower.


Full system exhaust including mufflers
Mandrel bent stainless steel tubing
100% Argon back-purged TIG welding for high strength and precision fitment
Primary length is adjustable to optimize torque and power and includes an adaptable header mount
Systems are constructed from ASTM269 304 stainless steel tubing for best combination of weight savings and durability
Made in the USA

See Burns In Action

Burns NhB exhaust features engineered port fittings to ensure proper fitment and port flow.

Due to the high velocity at the exhaust port, it is imperative that the flow be unobstructed. We have seen as much as a 5% loss of power for poorly matched headers and ports. To ensure proper flow, Burns has designed port fittings that properly align the exhaust header to the port. Also, the exacting dimensions of the fitting allows for better, more repeatable fabrication ensuring a proper fit on the motorcycle. On the Milwaukee 8 system, we have engineered a CNC machined fitting to improve the fitment of the pipes.