NhB Exhaust for M8 Softails

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Two NhB Styles Available For Your Bike

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Additional Product Information

Burns Stainless is pleased to announce the “No holds Barred” (NhB) exhaust for the Harley Davidson Milaukee-8 Softail line. The Burns exhaust has quickly become the “pipe” of choice for the premier tuners and racers in the country. The huge success of the NhB exhaust for the Harley baggers has prompted us to expand to the new generation of Harley sport bikes. The exhaust will fit the full line of softail models including the radical FXDR. The exhaust retains the signature reverse cone megaphone muffler.

  • Full system exhaust including mufflers.
  • Mandrel bent stainless steel tubing.
  • 100% Argon back-purged TIG welding for high strength and precision fitment.
  • Primary length is adjustable to optimize torque and power and includes an adaptable header mount.
  • Systems are constructed from ASTM269 304 stainless steel tubing for best combination of weight savings and durability
  • Made in the USA

Standard primary length is 33 inches - call for custom length
Product includes support bracket for reverse cone megaphone muffler.

Product ships standard without O2 sensor bungs. Let Burns Stainless install them for you!

Options are:

  • Two (2) 12mm factory installed O2 bungs
  • Two (2) 18mm factory installed O2 bungs
  • Two (2) 12mm PLUS two (2) 18mm factory installed O2 bungs

    Add desired above bung option to shopping cart

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Burns NhB exhaust features engineered port fittings to ensure proper fitment and port flow.

Due to the high velocity at the exhaust port, it is imperative that the flow be unobstructed. We have seen as much as a 5% loss of power for poorly matched headers and ports. To ensure proper flow, Burns has designed port fittings that properly align the exhaust header to the port. Also, the exacting dimensions of the fitting allows for better, more repeatable fabrication ensuring a proper fit on the motorcycle. On the Milwaukee 8 system, we have engineered a CNC machined fitting to improve the fitment of the pipes.

Stepped headers are known in the highest level of motorsports to be the best design for scavenging the cylinder during the exhaust stroke.

By keeping the header size close to the exhaust port size, exhaust gas velocity is kept high at the port reducing the possibility of reversion. This is especially important with the unequal firing impulses inherent to the V-Twin single pin crank arrangement. Enlarging the tube with stepped pipes ensures that wall drag losses are minimized keeping the exhaust potential available for maximum power but also allowing for broad power band.

The Burns NhB exhaust has been designed with X-Design, Burns Stainless’ exclusive, proprietary exhaust program developed and fine tuned for over 15 years in conjuction with engineers and racers in the highest echelons of motorsports.

The objective of X-Design is to provide the broadest powerband without sacrificing top-end power.

The Burns NhB exhaust is designed around the famous Burns merge collector that has been used in Harley pro-stock drag racing.

The 2-into-one collector helps minimize exhaust reversion while helping to scavenge the exhaust cylinder during each exhaust cycle. The efficient scavenging of the cylinder during the exhaust and overlap period allows for the maximum amount of air and fuel in the cylinder assuring maximum power.

The Burns megaphone muffler provides the Pro-Stock appearance of the exhaust while maximizing performance and reducing the sound of the exhaust. The deep, mellow sound is a by product of the specially designed core perforations.

The small holes provide effective damping of sound waves while allowing for a smooth bore minimizing drag losses and improving power output.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hiroshi Yoda
Cool sound

Great look and super heavy sound are pretty well

John Mora
The best I ever had

Top quality materials, a huge difference comparing to the other brands on the market , with no doubt I would to buy another one if necessary definitely 💯 would recommend it thanks Burns!!!

Derek Douglas
Top quality

With Burns you get every bit of your money’s worth not only in the product but also customer service. To me if you are going to spend more than $1k, go with Burns because you aren’t going to get anywhere near the value with anyone else.

Thanks Derek!

Bradley Safarik
NhB Exhaust for M8 Softails

Excellent product! Sounds amazing and the fitment was easy. This product looks amazing and give the M8 a throaty sound!

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