Vince In Shorts - Collectors Part One

In this episode of Vince in Shorts, we learn about the heart of the Performance Exhaust System, the Collectors. In part one we learn of the different types, how they are made, and the all important Merge Angle.

Collectors are made from taking bent tubing, cut them at an angle and bring them together to meet at a "neck-down" section larger in diameter than the individual tubes that form the collector. This is one of the secrets in building a collector is to determine the best neck-down size which goes to the muffler or tail-pipe sections.

The idea is to get a smooth exhaust flow. The neck-down to the transition is the magic to broaden the powerband of your engine. Inside you will see a pyramid that helps to merge the exhaust waves.

Depending on your needs, there are 2 into 1, to up to 8 into 1 as we have built. The Merge Angle is important for fitment and creating a smooth exhaust flow.

Collector LInk 

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