Pepper - A Harley-Davidson Land Speed Record Breaking Bagger

This past Speed Week at Bonneville got rained out as the salt became a two-foot deep not-dry lake bed. Seeing images of our friends rolling out of the murky water and trailers with their specialized racers just above the waterline. Such a bummer for those who travelled around the world to make a record breaking attempt are sent back home.

This is only part of the agony and the ecstasy of land speed racing. Mother nature can fail us at our attempts as well as the little gremlins that put up a good fight while we are in the garage testing, or on the salt preparing. Then when everything goes just right, the joy of breaking a record is addicting. The excitement pushes each team to go back to the drawing board and look for every possible place to get just a bit more "UMPH".

I am reminded of this forgotten video from a few years back of Pepper, the world’s fastest Bagger breaking the world record down under.  The bike is mostly stock with a few Screaming Eagle performance bits, and a Burns NhB Twin Cam exhaust.  It was fun working with Dan Lesnock and his crew.  I thought it would be good to share it here.

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