Straight Tubing Bends 321 Stainless Steel - Priced by the Foot

Burns StainlessSKU: 321-ST-150-16

How to Order:

Tubing is sold per foot.
  1. Specify tubing OD using "OD" drop down menu
  2. Specify tubing wall thickness using "Wall Size" dropdown.
  3. Specify the TOTAL quantity (In Feet) of tubing using the Quantity box.
  4. Specify the cut length in the "Specify Cut Length" box
  5. Choose "Add to Cart" or "Buy With ShopPay"
  6. Complete order in cart or continue shopping.

Disclaimer: Straight tubing cut less than 2 feet long cannot be returned.

Sale price$50.40


321 Stainless Steel Tubing

321 stainless steel tubing is one of the most desirable materials for exhaust systems because of its excellent resistance to fatigue and cracking at elevated temperatures. It is usually the material of choice for high temperature turbo applications, unless extreme requirements indicate the use of Inconel. We have extensive experience with 321 and will be happy to assist you in using it.

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