The Democrat Will Dine With The Republican

The Democrat Will Dine With The Republican


I don’t know what you think about country music, but having lived in Nashville for 10 years, I have grown to enjoy it.  The songs usually tell stories about the human condition.  Whether they are singing about a lost love, partying and drinking or buying a truck and a boat.  Blake Shelton recently released a new song entitles “God’s County.”  It is a very catchy song and has quickly hit #1 in the charts. 

What does the term God’s country conjure up for you?  I usually think of a beautiful sunset, a beautiful mountain vista or maybe the majestic redwoods of Big Sur.  Sometimes it is  patriotic vision of the United States of America.  Shelton turns my notion on its head, and I believe truly captures the meaning better than I ever could.

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